Nuvei Adds Two New Directors to Its Board

Nuvei Corporation, a provider of online payment solutions, has expanded its board of directors. In a recent announcement, the company stated that its board now has eight members. The new additions will help the company expand its online and LATAM presence.

Lau Is a LATAM Expert

One of the new directors is Maren Lau who joined as an independent director. Lau is currently serving as Meta’s regional vice president for the LATAM region and has intimate knowledge of the local market. In addition, Lau has been responsible for popularizing brands such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Furthermore, she has worked as the chief marketing officer of IMS, a venture backed by Sony. Her tenure at IMS once again saw her develop entertainment programs in South America. She will share her expertise with Nuvei’s team and help the company become a leading force in the region.

Lastly, Lau’s addition is a part of Nuvei Corporation’s goal to add more women to its team. The company hopes at least 30% of its workforce will be comprised of female employees.

Dent Will Help Nuvei Grow in NA

The other addition is Tim Dent, another experienced specialist. Dent will also be joining as an independent director and will also serve as a corporate advisor. He brings in two decades of experience in the gambling sector and will be a valuable asset to the company’s expansion efforts.

Dent’s experience includes a tenure as chief financial officer and compliance officer at DraftKings, one of the most popular American gambling and sports betting brands. Dent played a key role in expanding the company’s reach to new states after the fall of the PASPA.  

While Lau will support Nuvei’s operations with her knowledge of the LATAM region, Dent will use his experience with North America to help the payment solutions provider expand its footprint there.

Dent, according to Nuvei’s announcement, is a “distinguished strategic appointment” that will help open a new chapter for the company.

Fayer Welcomed the New Directors

In its statement, Nuvei described Lau and Tim as “proven leaders” whose deep knowledge and extensive experience will help the company grow. Philip Fayer, chief executive and chairman at Nuvei, welcomed the two of them on board.

Both Maren and Tim are proven leaders who bring extensive knowledge and experience that is beneficial to our business and highly relevant to our growing industry verticals and geographies.

Philip Fayer, CEO, Nuvei Corp

Fayer concluded that he is looking forward to working with the two new directors.

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